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Aotearoa Māhanga Matihiko

Following on from the LINZ 2015-2016 Smart Cities Programme, in particular the Christchurch solution, the concept of creating a 3D Digital Twin [Māhanga Matihiko] virtual view of New Zealand is evolving. One of the key components of such a solution would be the enablement of the spatial visualisa...

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# Problem Our CBD is the heart of a growing region, an asset for our people, and an enabler for people to achieve their goals and succeed. With strong projected growth in residents, jobs, and visitors, the central city offers great opportunities for the region’s future prosperity. But with any ...

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Team Members Floyd Watson (Team Captain) Simon Dolley Shannon Roberts Kassian Houben Keez Eden Jesse Gray Travis Falkenberg Award Categories Entered Public Transport for the Future Reducing CBD Traffic Congestion Combating the Climate Emergency Problem Traffic conges...

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The project is provides insights of officials attendance of meetings in different organizations. An organization can be regional council, district health board, etc. Additionally it provides a way of visualising and analysing meeting minutes to get an overview of what has been discussed and h...

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Dissecting parliamentary speeches into poetry

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Carbon impact of Electricity & Solutions

We are trying to inform people on their carbon emmissons and how they can decrease that through everyday life and save money while doing it

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