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Find my Spot

Find my Spot. An app or an extension to Trip Planner NSW
to help reduce commuter traffic to central business districts. Aim to ease city congestion and to improve peoples experience of public transport by suggesting a mix mode transport navigation solution. https://youtu.be/oKRaOnH_u-I

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Australia’s hot and dry climate, makes resources such as fresh water a valuable commodity. This issue is combined with the problem of the extensive resources required to connect remote and regional communities to accessible power. With the aim to reach sustainable targets by the end of 2050 - 100...

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Are you really going to drive tomorrow?

"Are you really going to drive tomorrow?" combines a geospatial analysis of commute options with a statistical model to support an AI recommender for social nudge and incentive based behavioural change. The return on investment has been maximised by targeting the highest value times for road u...

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OptiTech Navigation Systems-Beta

OpTiTech Navigation Systems is an mobile app that utilises the ACT road safety camera program. The app is designed to show you the traffic speed camera locations, as well as projections of traffic congestion. Interestingly, the app also gives live feed expiation notice system (ENS) data within a...

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NSW is one the best places in Australia to raise a family. However, it is also one of the most expensive places with childcare expenses, educational expenses, transport expenses etc. Fortunately, government provides many services and rebates for parents to support one of their life’s most import...

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