Innovative ways to be efficient with water

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Innovative ideas about water efficiency. Climate change means that we will have more unpredictable weather. Some of Australia is in drought and some areas have plenty of water. That changes each year. Water efficiency was a focus around the millennium drought. We want new, innovative and untapped ideas on ways to be efficient with water use. These ideas could include how we use water, how we can save water, how we waste water, how everyone can make a difference in using water wisely, water rules and ideas on saving water for the future.

With population growth and climate change, the demand for water is increasing every day. How can we make use of what water we have in the most efficient way? We would like to generate new and innovative ideas to educate the community to be more water efficient. Is there a better way to educate and engage our youth and community to understand how much water we use, how we use it, how we can save it?

(The following does not form part of the challenge: Participants are invited to take a shortvideo/photos of themselves undertaking our challenges and post on Instagram #centralhighlandswater)

Our judging panel includes
Mr Anand Arivukkarasu, VP Product, Grin (Silicon Valley startup) and previously well-known Product & Growth Leader at Facebook from California USA

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Central Highlands Water Govhack hub

Australian Curriculum

Coliban Water

Department of the Environment and Energy Australia

Department Environment Land Water and Planning Victoria

Digital metering program

Government of Western Australia water efficiency

Hunter Water

Melbourne Water

Power and Water NT

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Water Group

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Water Rating

Western Water


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Melbourne Water

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