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CrowdQuests is a game which has quests and missions to encourage physical activity and learning about points of interests. The quests are designed for:
* Learning about locations
* Crowdsourcing data updates
* Crowdsourcing new information
* Knowledge about problems
* Encouraging certain behaviours
CrowdQuests can be used by councils, agencies and corporations to crowdsource data and geospatial audits through a game interface. The game engine uses predictive user behaviour to encourage increased activity and usage. Challenges and missions can be submitted along with data sets.
We are aware we are not eligible for prizes/awards but are keen to help your agency crowdsource data audits and/or change behaviour through a game
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Data Story

We have used a bunch of data from Launceston City Council (and can do the same from Hobart City Council) to load up a base layer on our map. It provides the opportunity for players to update details about what is shown on the map based on Quests that will be promoted to users based on their location and demographic. The demographic data and behaviours are preloaded into our algorithms to provide better Quest suggestions. Data from ABS and G-NAF and various other jurisdictions were used to work this out.
New data provided by players will be then reported to the relevant jurisdictions.
Photos taken would be processed by CrowdQuests servers using image recognition to produce rich meta data (including geotagging).

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

Kingston Council Community Satisfaction survey

Description of Use: Understand Kingston Council area and what customers like or need to understand better about the council's good work

Data Set

QLD Data

Description of Use: Bunch of data from QLD data hubs for use as either quests of understanding demographics to provide better quests or routing

Data Set

Non Domestic Assults

Description of Use: For use understanding safety and demographics

Data Set

Data from ACT

Description of Use: For Quirky Canberra we are creating some quests to get people to go to visit quirky canberra and discover more! To do this we grabbed data about different spaces to send them there.

Data Set

Property Prices from ABS

Description of Use: To understand the demographics of players based on location

Data Set

Property prices in the UK

Description of Use: for use understanding demographics

Data Set

Launceston Parking Meters

Description of Use: For use in a Quest

Data Set

Launceston Heritage Places

Description of Use: For use as a Quest

Data Set

Launceston Rubbish Bins

Description of Use: For use in Quests

Data Set

Launceston Public Seating data

Description of Use: For use in a quest

Data Set

Launceston Recreational Trails

Description of Use: For use in Quests

Data Set

Launceston Playground Equipment

Description of Use: for use in a Quest

Data Set

Oral Health Services Tasmania - Clinic Locations

Description of Use: To get some coverage into Somerset for Richard to do some testing!

Data Set


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